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  Name: Basil Blackwell                                                             
  Born: 1889                                                                       
  Died: 1984                                                                       
  Sir Basil Blackwell (1889-1984) was born Henry Blackwell in Oxford, England. He   
  was the son of the founder of Blackwell's bookshop in Oxford, which went on to   
  become the Blackwell's family publishing and bookshop empire, located on Broad   
  Street in central Oxford. In 1921, he founded his own publishing group, the       
  Shakesphere Head Press, with Bernard Newdigate as typographer. This he           
  integrated into the family book business when he became chairman in 1924.         
  Blackwell was a prosecution witness in the 1966 private prosecution attempt to   
  bar the book Last Exit to Brooklyn from UK publication.