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Name: Eusebio da Silva Ferreira                                                                             
Born: 25 January 1942 Lourenzo Marques, Mozambique                                                         
Eusebio da Silva Ferreira (born January 25, 1942 in Mozambique - then an Overseas Province of Portugal),   
popularly known simply as Eusebio, is a Portuguese former football forward of                               
Mozambican origin. He helped the Portugal national team reach third place at the                           
1966 World Cup, being the top goalscorer of the tournament, and was elected the                             
European Footballer of the Year in 1965. He played at the club Benfica for 15                               
years, and is the team's all-time top scorer.                                                               
Nicknamed "The Black Panther", or "The Black Pearl", Eusebio scored 727 goals in                           
715 games. He is also known for his speed and his powerful, accurate right-footed                           
strike. He is considered Benfica's and Portugal's most renowned player and the                             
first world-class African striker. He was elected the 9th best footballer of                               
the 20th century in a poll by the IFFHS. Pele named Eusebio as one of the 125                               
best living footballers in his 2004 FIFA 100 list. In November 2003, to                                     
celebrate UEFA's Jubilee, he was selected as the Golden Player of Portugal by                               
the Portuguese Football Federation as their most outstanding player of the past                             
50 years.