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Name: Christopher Haden-Guest                                                           
Born: 5 February 1948 New York City, New York, USA                                       
Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest (born February 5, 1948), is a             
British-American comedian, actor, writer, director, musician and Grammy Award-winning   
composer known as Christopher Guest. He is most famous for having written,               
directed and starred in several "mockumentary" films of the late 20th and early         
21st centuries. He is frequently seen as the leader of a repertory film troupe,         
because he tends to re-use a core of actors from one film to the next. He was           
awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music by the Berklee College of Music           
on November 30, 2007.                                                                   
He principally works in American film and television, despite holding a minor           
peerage in the United Kingdom. That barony has given him an additional measure           
of celebrity in Britain. He has publicly expressed a desire to see the House of         
Lords reformed as a democratically-elected chamber. Despite initial activity in         
the Lords, his career there was cut short by the House of Lords Act 1999.