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Dr. Brigitte Boisselier is the scientific director of Clonaid, a company devoted         
to creating human clones. Based in the Bahamas, Clonaid is funded by the Raëlian     
Movement, a quasi-religious organization which believes that humans were                 
scientifically created by extraterrestrials. Clonaid includes two other                 
divisions: Clonapet, a service for cloning dear departed companion animals, and         
Insureaclone, a service designed to preserve the DNA of living people for future         
cloning. In early 2001 Bosselier told a U.S. congressional committee that               
Clonaid would delay actual cloning until legal issues had been settled. Later           
that year the company moved its operations out of the United States, and in             
August of 2001 the U.S. House of Representatives banned human cloning. On 27             
December 2002 Boisselier announced that Clonaid had successfully cloned the             
first human, a girl known as Eve who was born on 26 December at an undisclosed           
location. Scientists greeted the announcement with skepticism, but Boisselier           
claimed that proof of the baby's arrival would be provided early in 2003. Extra         
credit: We have not determined Boisselier's exact date of birth; according to           
Agence France-Presse, Boisselier was born in France in 1956 and holds a master's         
degree in biochemistry and doctorates in chemistry from the University of Dijon         
in France and the University of Houston in Texas... She has served as a visiting         
professor at Hamilton College in New York... Bosselier has said her adult               
daughter is among the surrogate mothers that will be used for the cloning... The         
baby Eve presumably is named after the biblical figure of Eve.