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A renounced yogi, Swami Lakshman Joo was born on May 9,1907, in Srinagar, Kashmir. His father, Shri Narayandas Rainas, was the first man to have introduced houseboats in Kashmir.


Since his childhood, he showed his keen interest towards the higher life. He used to make ‘Shiva-linga’ out of clay while playing with his friends. His father built a separate house for him where he could carry out his Sahara and teach the Saiva texts to his pupils. But his interest was stimulated greatly when he came under the influence of Swami Ram.


Swami Ram taught him the Japa of Gayatri Mantra and also centain yogic exercises according to the Saiva discipline. At the age of 20, he experienced self-realization for the first time. Later, He made an extensive study of Saiva Sastras under the guidance of reputed scholar Maheshwar Nath Razdan.


In 1934, He built an ashram for himself for himself on a site between Nishat and Shalimar Gardens named ‘Isvara Ashram’