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Name: Lesley Stahl                                                               
Born: 16 December 1941 Lynn, Massachusetts, United States                         
Lesley R. Stahl (born December 16, 1941, in Lynn, Massachusetts) is an American   
television journalist. As of 2007, she has reported for CBS on 60 Minutes for     
nearly 16 seasons.                                                               
A graduate of Wheaton College, her career received a running start from her       
coverage of the Watergate affair. She went on to become White House               
correspondent during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George 
H.W. Bush. Stahl was the moderator of Face the Nation between September 1983 and 
May 1991, and from 2002 - 2004, Stahl hosted 48 Hours Investigates. In 2002,     
Stahl made headlines when Al Gore appeared on 60 Minutes and revealed for the     
first time that he would not run for president again in 2004. In October 2007,   
she experienced the unpleasant surprise to see Nicolas Sarkozy, President of     
France, stand up and walk away from an interview with her, because she insisted   
on asking him about his relationship with his soon-to-be estranged spouse.       
She has written one book, Reporting Live, which was published in 1999.           
In 1977, Stahl married author Aaron Latham. The couple currently lives in New     
Stahl lost over $100,000 in jewelry and electronics after her New York City       
apartment was burglarized in January 2008.