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Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was also known as ‘Sher-e-Kashmir’. He was a charismatic leader. He led the ‘Quit Kashmir’ movement against Maharaja Hari Singh and Dogra dynasty in 1931. He formed the All India Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference to give a platform to the Kashmiri Muslims. Later the party was opened to all the communities of the state.


In 1948, Sheikh Abdullah was appointed as the Emergency Administrator and later became the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. But he soon started advocating independence and was arrested. Jawaharlal Nehru had Sheikh Abdullah released in 1964 and urged him to initiate talks with Pakistan. But Abdullah called for plebiscite. After talks with Nehru, he spoke of an Indo-Pak reconciliation. In 1964, he was again put under arrest.


In 1974, Abdullah signed the Kashmir Accord with Indira Gandhi under which Kashmir was put down as a constituent of India. Later, Sheikh Abdullah became the Chief Minister of the state.