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Name: Senda Berenson Abbott                                                         
Born: 19 March 1868                                                                 
Senda Berenson Abbott (March 19, 1868, Vilnius, Lithuania, Russian Empire -         
February 16, 1954) was a pioneer of women's basketball, authoring the first         
Basketball Guide for Women (1901-07). She was inducted to the Basketball Hall of     
Fame as a contributor on July 1, 1985 and into the Women's Basketball Hall of       
Fame in 1999.                                                                       
She modified existing men's basketball rules for women in 1899.                     
Abbott was the sister of the art historian Bernard Berenson and a great-great-aunt   
of the photographer Berry Berenson and the actress and model Marisa Berenson.       
Senda Berenson was the first person to introduce and adapt rules for women's         
basketball to Smith College. She is considered one of the pioneers of women's