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Name: Rudolf Bing                                                                 
Born: January 9, 1902                                                             
Died: September 2, 1997                                                           
Sir Rudolf Bing (January 9, 1902 - September 2, 1997) was an Austrian-born opera 
impresario. Bing was General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York from   
1950 to 1972. He was Knighted in 1971.                                           
Born Rudolf Franz Joseph Bing in Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire to a well-to-do 
Jewish family (his father was an industrialist) Bing studied at the University   
of Vienna and as a young man worked in theatrical and concert agencies. In 1927   
he went to Berlin, Germany and subsequently served as general manager of opera   
houses in that city and in Darmstadt.