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Paris Hilton nicknamed ‘Star’ was born on 17th February in 1981, is entitled to many famous introductions. She is the daughter of Ricky and Kathy Hilton, the great grand daughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton and grand daughter of Barron Hilton and the grand niece of Nicholas Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor. There was nothing extraordinary about her except being the co-heiress to the 300 million dollar, Hilton empire with her sister Nicky till she zoomed to fame in a 5 minute home made sex video with her ex- boyfriend Ricky Solomon who is Shannen Dohertyís ex- husband too. The film was widely circulated on the Internet.


This however was not her only claim to notorious popularity. Apart from her dalliances with hot Hollywood stars like Leonardo Di Caprio, Edward Furlong, and boxer Oscar De La Hoya her name was also associated with the nightclub owner and proclaimed lesbian Ingrid Cesress. Later she was engaged to Hollywod star Jason Shaw with whom she later broke off.


It was after completing her High School and leaving graduate studies midway that Paris as she loves to call herself wanted to do something different. Breaking away from family tradition she opted for modelling profession and walked the ramps for famous designers like Marc Bouwer and Catherine Malndrino. She also did an ad campaign for Iceberg and featured on the centre spreads of magazines like GQ, VHM and Vanity Fair. The tabloid press has always been close on her heels, reporting and blowing out of proportion her professional or personal escapades.


Lately, she also featured in fish out of water reality show titled The Simple Life. The show was broadcast on Fox. She gave a cameo appearance in Ben Stillerís fashion spoof Zoolander.


She has also been photographed with her sister Nicky for the People Magazine. Nicky, the junior sibling of Paris was born in 1983 and is a known socialite. Besides modelling and acting she has diversified into designing a collection purses for Tokyo brand Samantha Thavasa.


Young “Hilton the Heiress” still has a long way to go whichever way she chooses her career to be.