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Name: Olympia Jean Bouchles Snowe                                                     
Born: 21 February 1947 Augusta, Maine                                                 
Olympia Jean Bouchles Snowe (born February 21, 1947) is a Republican Party (GOP)     
politician and the senior United States Senator from Maine.                           
A moderate Republican, Snowe has become widely known for her ability to               
influence close votes and Senatorial filibusters, making her among the most           
influential of U.S. Senators. She is considered a centrist Republican in the         
In 2006, she was named one of "America's Top Ten Senators" by Time Magazine.         
Congressional Quarterly noted that her presence at the negotiating table in the       
107th Congress was "nearly a necessity." Her political popularity in her home         
state is the highest of any current U.S. Senator; as of November 22, 2006, she       
enjoyed a 79 percent approval rating in her home state of Maine.