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Name: Jennifer Jean von Oy                                                           
Born: 2 May 1977 Stamford, Connecticut, United States                               
Jennifer von Oy (born May 2, 1977 in Stamford, Connecticut, United States) is an     
American actress and country singer best known as Stevie van Lowe on the UPN         
sitcom The Parkers and Six LeMure in Blossom.                                       
Von Oy was born in Stamford, Connecticut and attended Newtown High School in         
Newtown, Connecticut. She later attended the University of Southern California       
where she was a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta. Her last name is           
German (language/written) and her paternal grandparents were German immigrants.     
Her maternal grandparents were Dutch immigrants.                                     
Jenna began her acting career in 1986, appearing in the television film The         
Kingdom Chums: Little David's Adventure and guest-starring in an episode of         
Tales from the Darkside. She later appeared in a series of commercials endorsing     
the popular early 1990s beverage, Boku. Jenna has appeared in several television     
series such as Blossom, in which she played the character Six LeMeure, Family       
Values, in which she played Phoebe Huck, and The Parkers, as quirky sidekick         
Stevie van Lowe. She also provided the voice of Stacey in A Goofy Movie and the     
voice of Trinket St. Blaire in Pepper Ann. She most recently appeared on an         
episode of Cold Case, and parodied Alexis Bledel's character of Rory Gilmore on     
Family Guy.                                                                         
In June 2000, Jenna recorded a demo CD in an attempt to launch a recording           
career in country music. Jenna's debut album, Breathing Room, was released on       
September 18, 2007.                                                                 
In 2004, she posed for a spread in King magazine. In 2005, she was named number     
94 on VH1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars". Jenna is precisely 5 feet (152 cm) tall.