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Name: Leontine Turpeau Current Kelly                                                   
Born: 5 March 1920                                                                     
Leontine Turpeau Current Kelly is a retired American Bishop of the United               
Methodist Church. She was born 5 March 1920 in Washington, D.C., one of eight           
children. Her father, David D. Turpeau, Sr., was a prominent Methodist minister,       
who later served four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. For a period         
of time he also served simultaneously as a Pastor and a District Superintendent.       
Her mother, Ila Marshall Turpeau, was an outspoken advocate for women and Blacks       
and a founder of the Urban League of Cincinnati, Ohio.                                 
Leontine's first marriage (to Gloster B. Current) ended in divorce. They had           
three children: Angella P., Gloster B., Jr., and John David Current. Leontine           
then married the Rev. Dr. James David Kelly, a United Methodist minister (now           
deceased). Following her husband's death, Leontine adopted his great-granddaughter,     
Pamela Lynne Kelly.