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Chui Chui was born and grew up in Hong Kong, (except for a few years of study in England). Hong Kong is a vibrant city with lots of attractions, it is known as one of the world’s largest financial centres. Her proudest moment has been graduating from University with a B.A. degree in Fashion & Textile Design.


During her degree she also had the opportunity to be a part time catwalk model which gave her the opportunity to perform on stage and to relate her work to what she had learnt. Chui Chui has also been a veterinarian helper at an animal clinic. Her ambition is to become a world-renowned fashion designer. Hobbies & sporting interests are: Cooking, travel, swimming, badminton and Jazz dance. Her personal motto is “Live to love and love to live".


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Voting Number: MW104
Age: 24
Occupation: Representing her country