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Name: Samuel Anthony Alito                                                               
Born April 1, 1950 Trenton, New Jersey                                                   
Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. (born April 1, 1950) is an Associate Justice of the           
Supreme Court of the United States. Educated at Princeton University and Yale           
Law School, Alito served as a United States attorney and a judge on the United           
States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit prior to joining the Supreme Court.       
He is generally considered a conservative jurist and since becoming a member of         
the Supreme Court he has often voted with conservative members of the court. He         
is the 110th justice and the second Italian-American on the Supreme Court.               
Alito was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to Italian American parents: Samuel A.           
Alito, Sr., and the former Rose Fradusco. He is a Roman Catholic. Alito                 
grew up in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, a suburb of Trenton. He attended               
Steinert High School in Hamilton Township and graduated from Princeton                   
University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs with a           
Bachelor of Arts in 1972 before attending Yale Law School, where he served as           
editor on the Yale Law Journal and earned a Juris Doctor in 1975.                       
Alito's father, now deceased, was a high school teacher and then became the             
first Director of the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services, a position he           
held from 1952 to 1984. Alito's mother is a retired schoolteacher. Alito's               
sister Rosemary is regarded as one of New Jersey's top employment lawyers.               
At Princeton, Alito led a student conference in 1971 called "The Boundaries of           
Privacy in American Society" which, among other things, supported curbs on               
domestic intelligence gathering, called for the legalization of sodomy, and             
urged for an end to discrimination against homosexuals in hiring by employers.           
Alito was a member of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which was formed in             
October 1972 at least in part to oppose Princeton's decisions regarding                 
affirmative action. Apart from Alito's written 1985 statement of membership of           
CAP on a job application, which Alito says was truthful, there is no other               
documentation of Alito's involvement with or contributions in the group. Alito           
has cited the banning and subsequent treatment of ROTC by the university as his         
reason for belonging to CAP.                                                             
Standing in front of a portrait of former President Bill Clinton, Martha Alito (right), 
daughter Laura (left) and son Philip (center) look on as President Bush                 
announces Samuel Alito's nomination on October 31, 2005                                 
While a sophomore at Princeton, Alito received the (low) lottery number of 32,           
in a Selective Service drawing on December 1, 1969. In 1970, he became a member         
of the school's Army ROTC program, attending a six-week basic summer camp that           
year at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in lieu of having been in ROTC during his first two         
years in college. Graduating in 1972, Alito left a sign of his lofty aspirations         
in his yearbook, which said that he hoped to "eventually warm a seat on the             
Supreme Court."                                                                         
He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps after           
his graduation and assigned to the United States Army Reserve. Following his             
graduation from Yale Law School in 1975, he served on active duty from September         
to December 1975, while attending the Officer Basic Course for Signal Corps             
officers at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The remainder of his time in the Army was             
served in the inactive Reserves. He had the rank of Captain when he received an         
Honorable Discharge in 1980.                                                             
Since 1985, Alito has been married to Martha-Ann Alito (born Martha-Ann                 
Bomgardner), once a law librarian with family roots in Oklahoma. They have two           
college age children: Philip and Laura. Alito resided with his family in West           
Caldwell, New Jersey before his Supreme Court nomination. He has since moved             
to a home in Washington.