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Name: Marilyn Monroe                                                             
Birth name: Norma Jeane Mortenson                                               
Born: 1 June 1926 Los Angeles, California                                       
Died: 5 August 1962 Brentwood, Los Angeles, California                           
Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson; June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962),   
was a Golden Globe award winning American actress, singer, model, Hollywood     
icon, Cultural icon, beauty ideal, fashion icon, pop icon and sex               
symbol. She was known for her comedic acting roles and screen presence. Monroe   
became one of the most popular movie stars of the 1950s and early 1960s. During 
the later stages of her career, she worked towards serious roles and her fame   
surpassed that of any other entertainer of her time.                             
Her premature death was classified as a "probable suicide". Many individuals     
including Jack Clemmons, the first LAPD Police officer to arrive at the death   
scene believed that she was murdered. She is the only female on the Forbes       
top earning dead celebrities list.