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NAME: Mike Myers
BORN: 25/05/1963
BIRTH PLACE: Ontario, Canada


Mike Myers is best known as the mad and crude Austin Powers who managed to seduce Liz Hurley despite with his unusual appearance!


He began his acting career as a child, in TV adverts in Canada, and a move to the UK led him to some performances at the Edinburgh Festival.


During his time with a theatre troupe in Chicago, he was spotted by ‘Saturday Night Live’ producer, Lorne Michaels.


In 1989, he joined the SNL team as a writer and recurring cast member, and he eventually became a regular.


Four years later, Mike debuted as an actor and co-writer in ‘Wayne’s World’, based on characters created for ‘Saturday Night Live’.


In 1997, Mike made a successful return as writer and star of ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’, a spoof of 1960s spy films.