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Born in Springs, South Africa, 20/11/1923. Daughter of Isidore and Nan Gordimer.           
Has lived all her life, and continues to live, in South Africa.                           
Principal works: 10 novels, including A Guest of Honour, The Conservationist,             
Burger's Daughter, July's People, A Sport of Nature, My Son's Story and her most           
recent, None to Accompany Me.                                                             
10 short story collections, the most recent Jump, published 1991, and Why Haven't         
You Written: Selected Stories 1950-1972, published 1992.                                   
Non-fiction: The Essential Gesture; On the Mines; The Black Interpreters.                 
Among honorary degrees: from Yale, Harvard, Columbia, New School for Social               
Research, USA; University of Leuven, Belgium, University of York (England),               
Universities of Cape Town and the Witwatersrand (South Africa), Cambridge                 
University (England).                                                                     
Commandeur de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (France).                                   
Vice-President of International PEN.                                                       
From Nobel Lectures, Literature 1991-1995, Editor Sture AllÚn, World Scientific           
Publishing Co., Singapore, 1997