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Jupiter Hammon is considered the first Black writer to publish in America; his       
religious exhortations deal with the themes of race, slavery, and the alienation     
of slaves. Since his writings were edited (and probably approved) by White           
patrons, his themes of White injustices have taken on even more importance.         
Hammon received his unusually extensive education on the Lloyd Manor Estate,         
from Nehemiah Bull, a Harvard graduate and later noted New England divine.           
Hammon was basically allowed to partake of any business he wished. This included     
reading in the Lloyd library and writing his poetry. He was very privileged and     
took advantage of the kindness offered him.                                         
1760: Hammonís first work An Evening Thought published.                             
1763: Henry Lloyd (his owner) dies and Hammon becomes the property of Joseph         
Lloyd, an American revolutionary.                                                   
1778: "An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatly" is published.                             
1779: "An Essay on the Ten Virgins" is published.                                   
1780: A despondent John Lloyd commits suicide because of the apparent American       
surrender at Charlestown.                                                           
1782: "A Winter Piece" is published.                                                 
1782: It is thought that Hammon composed a set of verses, not yet found and         
probably not published. These verses supposedly celebrate the visit of young         
Prince William Henry to the Lloyd Manor House.                                       
1783: "An Evenings Improvement" published. 1806(?): This is the believed year of     
Hammon's death on the Lloyd Manor Estate.