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Name: Sissela Bok                                                                     
Born: 2 December 1934                                                                 
Sissela Bok, born 2 December 1934, is a Swedish-born philosopher and ethicist,       
the daughter of two Nobel Prize winners: Gunnar Myrdal who won the Economics         
prize with Friedrich Hayek in 1974, and Alva Myrdal who won the Nobel Peace           
Prize in 1982.                                                                       
She received her B.A. and M.A. in psychology from George Washington University       
in 1957 and 1958, and her Ph.D. in philosophy from Harvard University in 1970.       
Formerly a Professor of Philosophy at Brandeis University, Sissela Bok is             
currently a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and           
Development Studies, Harvard School of Public Health.                                 
Her brother, Jan Myrdal is a controversial writer and journalist. She is married     
to Derek Bok, former president (1971-1991) and recent interim president (2006-2007)   
of Harvard. Her daughter, Hilary Bok, is also a philosopher.