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Kevin Kline was born July 11, 1975 in Washington, D.C..  Now age 27, and a native of southern Maryland in the United States, Kevin has been playing the North American music scene for almost ten years, opening for acts such as Ben Folds Five, Chicago, Spencer Davis and the All Stars and Kool & the Gang.
He has only just recently arrived onto the European Music scene and is quickly building a following throughout Europe.  A blend of Billy Joel, Elton John & Jerry Lee Lewis with a talent for songwriting that is all his own combine to make Kevin’s songs mainstream and his show a powerful burst of energy not often seen on stage with a piano player. 


In late 1999, Kevin finished work on his first original recording project, and finally had the opportunity to present his writing, singing and piano playing to an anticipated hometown following in the United States.  Reviews of the project received television coverage, comparing Kline to artists such as Billy Joel and Elton John.  Radio rotation raised eyebrows from industry executives from Los Angeles to New York.