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Name: Noah Beery                                                                   
Born: 17 January 1882                                                               
Died: 1 April 1946                                                                 
Noah Beery (January 17, 1882 - April 1, 1946) was an American actor. Born Noah     
Nicholas Beery in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, he and his younger brothers           
William Beery and the legendary Wallace Beery all became Hollywood actors. The     
three Beery brothers were the children of Frances Margaret Fitzgerald and Noah     
Webster Beery, which made them full brothers (contrary to countless sources).       
Noah Beery worked in the theatre starting at the age of sixteen and by 1905 was     
performing on Broadway. After a dozen years on the stage, in 1915 he joined his     
brother in Hollywood to make motion pictures where he would become a respected     
character actor adept at playing the role of the villain. One of his most           
remarkable characterizations was as Sergeant Gonzales in The Mark of Zorro (1920)   
opposite Douglas Fairbanks; the Beery brothers always offered extremely             
energetic portrayals and gave the audience something extraordinary to behold.       
The tagline on the poster for 1923's Stormswept proclaimed, Wallace and Noah       
Beery, The Two Greatest Character Actors on the American Screen.                   
Noah Beery worked during the silent film era (giving a fine performance as Sgt.     
Lejaune in the 1926 Beau Geste) and successfully made the transition to "talkies". 
He had a pleasant singing voice and he appeared in a number of lavish early         
Technicolor musicals such as The Show of Shows (1929), Song of the Flame (1930),   
Bright Lights (1930), Under A Texas Moon (1930) and Golden Dawn (1930), (in         
which he wore blackface makeup as an African native). He seems to have reached     
his peak in popularity in 1930, even recording a phonograph record for Brunswick   
Records with songs from two of his films. Like his brother Wallace, he had an       
amazingly powerful and distinctive voice, and while he carved out a long and       
memorable career, he gradually lost popularity while his brother eventually         
gained a position in the screen pantheon (Wallace was the highest paid actor in     
the world in 1932, the year he won an Oscar). During a career that spanned three   
decades, Noah appeared in nearly two hundred films. In 1945 he returned to star     
in the Mike Todd Broadway production of "Up in Central Park."                       
Beery died in 1946 (on his brother Wallace's birthday) in Beverly Hills,           
California of a heart attack and was interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park     
Cemetery in Glendale, California, USA.