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Born August 8th 1937 in Los Angeles California, Hoffman soon moved to New York City to pursue a career on stage and television. Establishing himself as stage actor came quickly, and after a role in the Alan Arkin directed play “Eh?, director Mike Nichols cast Hoffman in the role that launched him into stardom. The Graduate (1967) was the 29 year-old Hoffman’s big break. He played recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock who has an affair with a much older woman, who also happens to be the wife of his father’s boss. His portrayal of the shy wayward Braddock earned him his first Best Actor Oscar® nomination.
Two short years later Hoffman earned his second Best Actor nomination for his performance in Midnight Cowboy (1969). As street hustler Ratso Rizzo, Hoffman showed his sundry acting abilities that would continue to shine throughout his legendary career. These abilities were put to the test again only a year later in Little Big Man (1970) where he stars as a 100 year old man. The 1970’s brought the young Hoffman many diverse roles that kept the theaters crowded and the critics at bay.
Straw Dogs (1971), Papillion (1973) Lenny (1974), which landed Hoffman his third Oscar® nomination, All the President’s Men (1976), Marathon Man (1976) and Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) where he finally won an Oscar® for his role as a career oriented father who is forced to rethink his priorities after a divorce from his wife. The early 1990’s saw Hoffman’s career at a lull. After box office and critical disappointments with comic book inspired Dick Tracey (1990), Billy Bathgate (1991), Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991), and Hero (1992). Hoffman regained his crown with the box office hit Outbreak (1995). In the late 90’s Hoffman teamed back up with Rain Main director Barry Levinson for three more movies; Sleepers (1996), Wag the Dog (1997), which earned Hoffman yet another Oscar® nomination and the sci-fi underwater thriller Sphere (1998).
Hoffman’s versatility was again exercised in the comedy Tootsie (1982). In this film he played a failed actor who disguises himself as a woman to succeed in television. This comedic role solidified Hoffman’s star power and talent in the eyes of critics and audiences alike. After a disappointing effort in Ishtar (1987), Hoffman got right back up on his feet with another Oscar® winning performance in Barry Levinson’s Rain Man (1988) as an autistic savant, which is arguably one the most accurate and heart felt portrayals of a disabled person on film.
After about three years of downtime Dustin has recently completed the romantic comedy Midnight Mile (2002) and the crime drama Confidence (2002) both due out at the end of 2002. Next year Hoffman plans on revisiting his past with a role along side his old college friend Gene Hackman in Runaway Jury (2003) and the bio-picture Neverland (2003), which explores J.M. Barrie and the origins of his classic story “Peter Pan".
He married Lisa (his second wife) in October 1980. Hoffman has five children, including daughters Jenna (with Byrne), Rebecca, and Alexandra, and sons Jacob and Max.