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Name: Ted Casablanca                                                                 
Ted Casablanca (born Bruce Bibby) is an American entertainment journalist for E!     
Online and has a column called The Awful Truth where he regularly dispenses         
gossip on the private lives of celebrities.                                         
Casablanca began writing for Premiere magazine in 1987, where he originally         
conceived his column before transferring it to E! in 1996 as a weekly (then         
subsequently, daily) column. He regularly presents it on E! Television and           
sometimes appears as a correspondent and commentator for various E! Television       
events. As Bruce Bibby, he has written for a number of entertainment magazines       
and has been a contributor to the television magazine Hard Copy.                     
The most notable section of his Awful Truth column is his weekly "Blind Vice"       
piece, in which he provides cleverly constructed clues to otherwise unknown         
secrets and scandals about celebrities, prompting readers to deduce the             
identities of the people in these blind items. He has a long-time boyfriend         
named Jon Powell.                                                                   
Casablanca has appeared on several television series, usually as a commentator,     
but he has also appeared as himself on Grosse Pointe and, most recently, in         
an episode of General Hospital in February 2007.                                     
In 2006, he provided commentary alongside cast member Barbara Parkins for the       
special edition DVD of Valley of the Dolls. He also appeared in the featurette       
on the bonus DVD entitled, The Divine Ms. Susann. Casablanca has been a long-time   
fan of the film. The name "Ted Casablanca" was borrowed from a minor character       
from Valley.                                                                         
Casablanca has maintained a famous long-running feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger,     
which began when the former actor allegedly had his bodyguards rough up             
Casablanca at the 1996 premiere of Schwarzenegger's film Eraser.