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CHRIS KATTAN joined “Saturday Night Live” in March 1996 as a featured player. He is now in his fifth season as a full “SNL” cast member.


Kattan has brought many memorable characters to “SNL,” including: the “Roxbury Guys,” which Kattan created with fellow “SNL” player Will Ferrell; the half-monkey Mr. Peepers; the gibberish-spouting Suel Forrester; Azrael Abyss, the co-host of the fictional cable access show “Goth Talk” with Molly Shannon; half of the sex-crazed and often misunderstood couple, the Zimmermans (with Cheri Oteri); and the enigmatic exotic dancer, Mango. In addition, Kattan has contributed notable impressions to the show, including Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Antonio Banderas in the “How Do You Say, Ah Yes, Show,” Al Pacino, and Ricky Martin.


Kattan plays the title role in Disney’s feature film comedy “Corky Romano” (a character Kattan created) with Peter Falk. In 1998, Kattan brought his swinging “SNL” character to the big screen in “A Night at the Roxbury,” which he co-wrote with Ferrell. Recently, he appeared in the hit horror film “The House on Haunted Hill.” Before joining “SNL,” Kattan was a member of the Los Angeles-based improv/sketch comedy group The Groundlings.