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Name: Patsy Cline                                                                   
Birth name: Virginia Patterson Hensley                                               
Also known as Ginny and Patsy                                                       
Born: 8 September 1932 Winchester, Virginia                                         
Died: 5 March 1963                                                                   
Patsy Cline (b. Virginia Patterson Hensley September 8, 1932 - March 5, 1963)       
was an American country music singer, who enjoyed pop music crossover success       
during the era of the Nashville Sound in the early 1960s. Since her death at the     
age of 30 in a 1963 plane crash at the height of her career, she has been           
considered one of the most influential, successful, revered, and acclaimed           
female vocalists of the 20th century. Her life and career has been the subject       
of numerous books, movies, documentaries, articles, and stage plays.                 
Cline was best known for her rich tone and emotionally expressive voice, which,     
along with her role as a mover and shaker in the country music industry, has         
been cited and praised as an inspiration by many vocalists of various music         
Posthumously, millions of her albums have been sold over the past 45 years and       
she has been given numerous awards;, which has given her an iconic fan status       
similar to that of music legends Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Only ten years       
after her death, she became the first female solo artist inducted to the Country     
Music Hall of Fame. In 2001, she was voted by artists and members of the Country     
Music industry as #1 on CMT's television special of the 40 Greatest Women of         
Country Music of all time, and in 1999 she was voted #11 on VH1's special The       
100 Greatest Women in Rock and Roll of all time by members and artists of the       
rock industry. According to her 1973 Country Music Hall of Fame plaque: "Her         
heritage of timeless recordings is testimony to her artistic capacity." Among       
those hits: "Walkin' After Midnight," "I Fall to Pieces," "She's Got You," "Crazy," 
and "Sweet Dreams."