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Sri Yukteshwar was great spiritual guru. He was born in 1855 and at that time had been given the name of Priya Nath Karan. He had wealthy parents and during his early adulthood he got married. He is mainly remembered for his uncommon understanding of the nature of consciousness.


He is considered as a ‘Jnanavatar’ i.e. an incarnation of wisdom. He was initiated into kriya yoga by his guru Shyama Charan Lahiri in his childhood. Later his guru authorized him to give other people the holy initiation as well. He entered the Swami order after the death of his wife. From that time on he dedicated his life to studying, learning and teaching. He divided his time between two ashrams- one in Puri and one in Serampore.


Sri Yukteshwar did not write much. Only two books written by him are Known-’the Holy Science’ written in 1894 and a commertary upon the first six chapters of the ‘Bhagwat Gita’.