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Name: Paul Reiser                                                                   
Born: 30 March 1957 New York City, New York                                         
Paul Reiser (March 30, 1957) is an American actor, author and stand-up comedian,   
best known for his role in Mad About You.                                           
Born to a Jewish-American family, Reiser attended the East Side Hebrew Institute   
on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in   
New York City. He earned his bachelor's degree at Binghamton University,           
where he majored in music (piano, composition). He was active in campus theater     
productions, and founded The Little Theater That Could, an on-campus community     
theater organization located in Hinman College, Reiser's dorm community. It was     
later renamed Hinman Production Company. Reiser eventually found his calling       
when he performed in New York City comedy clubs during university summer breaks.   
Reiser married Paula Ravets in 1988; they have two sons together, Ezra (born       
1995) and Leon (born 2000).                                                         
Reiser's TV credits include My Two Dads and the British TV drama My Beautiful       
Reiser played a treacherous company executive in James Cameron's 1986 movie         
Aliens, but rose to fame as the creator and star of Mad About You, a long-running   
sitcom co-starring Helen Hunt. The show was so successful that in the final 1999   
season, he and Hunt were paid US$1 million per episode.                             
Reiser has written two books: Couplehood, about the ups and downs of being in a     
committed relationship, and Babyhood, about the toils and joys of having a baby.   
Couplehood was unique in the fact it started on page 145. Reiser explains this     
is to give the reader a false sense of accomplishment.                             
Paul is the pride of Stuyvesant Town, the housing complex on the Lower East Side   
where he grew up by playground #3.