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Name: John Mahoney                                                                   
Born: 20 June 1940 Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK                                 
John Mahoney (born June 20, 1940) is an award-winning English/American actor         
known for playing the retired police officer father, Martin "Marty" Crane, of         
Kelsey Grammer's character, Dr. Frasier Crane, in the popular American TV series     
Frasier (NBC, 1993-2004).                                                             
Mahoney, the seventh of eight children, was born in Blackpool, England - the         
town to where his mother was evacuated as the Mahoneys' home city of Manchester       
was bombed during the Second World War. After the war, the Mahoneys moved back       
to Manchester. Mahoney grew up in the Withington area of the city and discovered     
acting at the Stretford Youth Theatre. His father, Reg, was a baker. Mahoney         
moved to the United States as a young man when his older sister, Vera, a war-bride   
living in rural Illinois, agreed to sponsor him. He studied at Quincy University,     
Illinois, before joining the United States Army to speed up the citizenship           
process and to become a U.S. citizen; he received citizenship in 1959. He             
lived in Macomb, Illinois and taught English at Western Illinois University in       
the early 1970s, before finally settling in Oak Park, Illinois. He served as         
editor of a medical journal through much of the decade.