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James Herriot, a vet turned best-selling author, penned twenty 
books during his lifetime, selling over sixty million copies.   
His gentle, humorous, heartwarming narratives of the life of a 
veterinarian in England's Yorkshire Dales during the 1940s and 
1950s touched a vein in readers of the late twentieth century. 
As Mitzi Brunsdale noted in her James Herriot, "an audience     
buffeted by brushfire wars, continent-spanning plagues, voice   
mail, E-mail, lost mail, MTV, and the Information Superhighway 
can still find solace in the disarming tales a gentle           
veterinarian from a Yorkshire town . .                         
. and a . . . world far removed from the horrors of the       
nightly news, yet as intimate as the decency and compassion of 
the human heart." Brunsdale further noted that Herriot's work   
"charms his readers with a healthy nostalgia for what used to   
be best in our world as well as an unquenchable hope for what   
we want to think--in spite of ourselves--remains