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Birth name : David Smith
Date of birth : 21 September 1960,
Location : Toronto, Ontario, Canada


David James Elliott was born on September 21, 1960, in Milton (a small suburb city of Toronto), Ontario, Canada. He is the second of three sons of Arnold Smith, a heating and plumbing wholesaler-contractor, and his wife, Pat, an office manager. Arnold Smith had come to Canada from the Bahamas. David Smith grew up in Milton, but spent much time in the Bahamas, as most of his relatives live there.


Mr. Elliott did not set out to be an actor. His early interest was in music - rock ‘n roll music. He was front man for a band, and even briefly quit high school to play with the band full time. The band left Milton and went to the big city -Toronto. There the band members got questionable digs in boarding houses and played gigs at night, while trying to earn a pittance to live on during the day. Mr. Elliott at one point was working in a belt factory.


The group, which went by various names - the Supervisors being one (one of the band stole some T-shirts with the title “Supervisor” on them) - kept breaking up. Finally, Mr. Elliott decided that enough was enough, and went back to finish high school. He was only 19.