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Shania Twain is known as the diva country music singer that created what’s called new country or country pop. She can be credited for a new sound of country music that hit main stream pop music and what could be called a cross over music success. Her sound went from country music radio stations and country music videos to MTV videos, pop radio music stations, and dance clubs all over the globe.


Her stunning looks, and amazing body, along with her famous mid riff raised a few eyebrows in the country music community. Here was this amazing looking woman with a body to die for, exposing skin, and her belly button always happy to see you with her supermodel flat tummy. Her first videos were like nothing seen in traditional country music. They had style and a lot of flash of all Shania’s sex appeal.


Her music also rocked the ears of old time country music fans. Here was this new kid on the block with a sound that was much more up beat than plain old country music. She hit the world with a sound like no other, and what the females loved when first hearing Shania’s music, was it had this certain grrl kick to it, she was singing country music with women attitude.


Many people back then though her popularity would just be a typical one hit wonder, here today gone tomorrow. However, Shania proved them wrong. She can sing, she showed them that years later she’s still on top. Having released four CD’s, won countless music awards, broke records on both pop and country music charts, appeared on dozens on magazine covers, and while being a spokes model for Revlon cosmetics.


She showed the world that she was for real, and what made things even different than the traditional country music star, Shania isn’t even from Nashville or even American for that matter. However, her life has all the heart ache and despair as an old fashion country song.


Shania, was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is the second oldest old of five siblings. Her parents worked as foresters, and they lived in poverty. Times were hard for the family, they would often go for days in hunger, and to keep the spirits high Shania’s mother introduced music into their lifes. Shania began writing and singing songs and by the age of 8, her parents would wake her in the middle of the night so she could go sing in small bars and clubs.


Shania continued her singing at community events, church, and local bars. While on her highschool summer vacations she would take on part-time jobs to financially help her parents.


After Shania graduated from highschool she moved to Toronto to pursue her life long dream of becoming a professional singer and songwriter. However, tragedy struck Shania in 1987 when her parents were killed in a car wreck.


She then returned home to take care of her younger brothers and sisters. She took a job at a resort singing and dancing to support her siblings. Shania worked for 3 years at the resort singing and dancing to show tunes while trying to pursue her career with the release of her demo tape. A representative from Nashville heard her tape and she was soon off to music city.


Her first album didn’t sell well at all, it was too much of what the record label was trying to make Shania sound like. On her second album Shania put her own inspiration into the songs she wrote and music she sang, and the album The Woman In Me released in 1995, went on to sell more than 18 million copies. That album sold more than any other female country artist and had seven hit singles. Her third album released two years later,Come On Over sold 34 million copies and is the best selling county album of all time.


Shania went on to marry rock music producer Mutt Lang whom with she has a child with now. Her lastest album UP! is continuing to break record sales and she’s planing a tour in the very near future.


There is no stopping Shania, super music star, super female rolemodel, magazine covermodel, revlon spokes model, and just plain and simple supermodel!