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Name: Marjorie Reynolds                                                             
Born: 12 August 1917                                                               
Died: 1 February 1997                                                               
Marjorie Reynolds (b. August 12, 1917, Buhl, Idaho -February 1, 1997, Manhattan     
Beach, California) was an American film actress. She appeared in more than 70       
Born Marjorie Goodspeed, in Buhl, Idaho, as her parents made the cross-country     
trip from Maine to settle in California, she was featured as a child actress in     
silent films such as Scaramouche (1923). Her first speaking role was in Murder     
in Greenwich Village (1937). She also appeared in bit parts in many A-pictures     
including Gone with the Wind (1939).                                               
Due to the premature death of her mentor, Mark Sandrich, her career never           
realized its full potential. Her films include Holiday Inn (1942), Fritz Lang's     
Ministry of Fear (1944), Up in Mabel's Room (1944) and the NBC version of the       
television series The Life of Riley (1953-1958). She has a star on the Hollywood   
Walk of Fame.                                                                       
In Holiday Inn, she showed her great ability to dance. Although she is most         
famously remembered for her duet with Bing Crosby singing the Irving Berlin         
classic "White Christmas", her singing was dubbed (by Martha Mears, whose voice     
so matched hers that it has always been thought that Miss Reynolds did her own     
singing). The studio kept it that way but when asked later in life, Miss           
Reynolds was always quite open about crediting Miss Mears.                         
On February 1, 1997, having suffered from congestive heart disease, she             
collapsed and died in Manhattan Beach, California while walking her dog. She was   
79 years old.