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Name: Robert Francis Kennedy                                                             
Born: 20 November 1925 Brookline, MA                                                     
Died: 6 June 1968 Los Angeles, CA                                                       
Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968), also called         
RFK, was one of two younger brothers of US President John F. Kennedy and served         
as United States Attorney General from 1961 to 1964 and a US Senator from New           
York from 1965 until his assassination in 1968. He was one of President Kennedy's       
most trusted advisors and worked closely with the president during the Cuban             
Missile Crisis. His contribution to the African-American Civil Rights Movement           
is sometimes considered his greatest legacy.                                             
After his brother's assassination in late 1963, Kennedy continued as Attorney           
General under President Johnson for nine months. He resigned in September 1964           
and was elected to the United States Senate from New York that November. He             
broke with Johnson over the Vietnam War, among other issues.                             
After Eugene McCarthy nearly upset Johnson in the New Hampshire Primary in early         
1968, Kennedy announced his own campaign for president in a battle for control           
of the Democratic Party. Kennedy defeated McCarthy in the critical California           
primary but was shot moments after claiming victory shortly after midnight on           
June 5, 1968, dying June 6. On June 9, President Johnson declared an official           
day of national mourning in response to the public grief following Kennedy's