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Stuff to Know
He was born Brian Thomas Krause on February 1, 1969 in El Toro, California. He has an older brother, Patrick. Patrick currently resides in Colorado with his wife Linda. He married his wife Beth in 1996, which is also the year they had their first child Jamen. They divorced in 2000.


School Days
Some guy in his Junior High P.E. class wanted to kick his butt, so he hid from him by switching into drama class. And as he says “I wound up being pretty decent at it and decided to pursue it.”
He graduated in 1987 from El Toro High School. In school he was Lettered in soccer at Orange Coast College in 1987, and scored four goals as a midfielder and forward. Which he then pursued a semi-proffesional carrer in soccer before he Decided to become and Actor.
He Originally wanted to study medicine, but lucky for us he decided to pursue a carrer as an Actor. Although who wouldn’t like to have him for a doctor.


Now for some little tidbits
He made his first film was in 1991 in Return to the Blue Lagoon where he played along side Milla Jovovich.
He likes to play gold and race cars
He auditioned for the role of Andy on Charmed
He was also co-starred on the television shows Another World and Walker Texas Ranger
Holly and Alyssa call him ‘The Blue Flamer’
He got cornered in a Burger King bathroom once by a bunch of 12-year-old girls. They were screaming, “You’re Leo, you’re Leo!” And he was like, “Yes, I’m Leo, peeing.”