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Name: Lars Hallstrom                                                             
Born: 2 June 1946 Stockholm, Sweden                                             
Lars Sven "Lasse" Hallstrom (b. 2 June 1946, Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish     
film director. His mother was the Swedish writer Karin Lyberg (1907-2000). His   
maternal grandfather, Ernst Lyberg, was the Swedish Minister of Finance in the   
first cabinet of Carl Gustaf Ekman (1926 - 1928) and leader of the Liberal Party 
of Sweden (1930 - 1933).                                                         
Hallstrom learned his craft making music videos, in particular those made for   
the group ABBA, which pioneered the era of the music video, and also many       
innovative styles of film making. After the international success of My Life as 
a Dog, Hallstrom has been working on American movies.                           
Hallstrom has two children, Johan (b. 1976) from his first marriage to Malou     
Hallstrom (died 3 February 2005) and Tora (b. 1995) by actress Lena Olin, his   
current wife.