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Name: Mike Jones                                                                     
Born: 11 August 1962                                                                 
Mike Jones, born August 11, 1962, has appeared onstage with Penn and Teller for     
the last four years, and continues to play with them during their nightly show       
in Las Vegas.                                                                       
Mike first garnished praise as a young musician, performing professionally at       
the age of eight years old. Following the advice of Oscar Peterson, Jones           
attended Berklee School of Music, in Boston. While still attending the school he     
started work as a studio musician.                                                   
During his time commuting from Boston to New York, Mike worked as the on air         
pianist and music director of the Nancy Merrill Show. His talents were noticed       
by Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, and several more of his heroes. It wasn't long     
before he was recording on Chiaroscuro Records.                                     
Later Mike was invited to perform on ships including the Queen Elizabeth II. It     
was after his third album, "Runnin' Wild", that Penn Jillette and his friends       
found him playing in a Las Vegas Resort. Within weeks, he was invited to become     
part of the show, which he still is.                                                 
Mike wrote the theme tune for Penn Jillette's radio show Penn Radio, including       
many variations. (Penn plays bass on many of these themes.) He also created some     
special themes for Monkey Tuesday, and Pull of the Weasel Friday.                   
Jones also made an appearance in an episode of Bullshit! which was critical of       
twelve step programs. Jones was introduced by Penn as having been significantly     
overweight, but lost ninety pounds with his "own special one step program",         
which Penn explained as being "like the twelve step, but with a few minor           
adjustments". Jones explained his program as "Just stop fucking eating so much".     
Jones lives in Las Vegas with his wife, author Cathe Jones. They have no