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Bill Brochtrup got his big career break when he was cast for two episodes on NYPD Blue during the show’s second season. Brochtrup’s portrayal of the extremely efficient police administrative aide endeared him to viewers, as well as the show’s producers. When NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco next hired Brochtrup to reprise the role of John Irvin in the sitcom, Public Morals, it created the rare occasion for the same character to appear both in a drama and a comedy, and on different networks. Following Public Morals, Brochtrup went on to star in the ABC series Total Security, with James Belushi. Soon after the conclusion of that series, Brochtrup returned to NYPD Blue. Since making his professional debut a decade ago in the television series Hot Pursuit, Brochtrup has worked continuously in theater, film and television. He has guest-starred on series such as Dharma & Greg, Picket Fences and Murder, She Wrote. His feature film credits include Ravenous, Not Again, the critically acclaimed mockumentary Man of the Year, and the futuristic Space Marines.