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Name: Dante Daniel Bonaduce                                                       
Born: 13 August 1959 Broomall, Pennsylvania, U.S.                                 
Dante Daniel "Danny" Bonaduce (born August 13, 1959,                             
in Broomall, Pennsylvania) is an American radio/television personality, comedian 
and former child actor who became known as an adult for his tumultuous personal   
The son of veteran TV writer/producer Joseph Bonaduce (Mayberry RFD, One Day At   
A Time, Good Times), the naturally redheaded Bonaduce gained prominence as a     
child actor of the 1970s, co-starring as Shirley Partridge's (played by Shirley   
Jones) wisecracking second son, Danny Partridge, on the sitcom/television series, 
The Partridge Family. Bonaduce was on The Adam Carolla Show from 2006-2007. He   
frequently makes personal appearances in television, radio, and at public events. 
Bonaduce achieved fame at the age of ten, starring as Danny Partridge on the     
television series The Partridge Family. Bonaduce's wisecracking Danny was a       
constant bane of the family's manager, played by Dave Madden. Bonaduce has said   
that he owes a lot to Madden, who took him into his home during his family's     
domestic strife.                                                                 
By his own account, Bonaduce grew up in a dysfunctional family setting, with     
physical and emotional abuse from his father. His early fame at the age of       
ten in The Partridge Family led to close relationships with co-stars Shirley     
Jones and Dave Madden. However, following the end of the series, Bonaduce's late 
teens and twenties saw drug abuse and a period of homelessness. After a 1977 TV   
movie about a hijacked passenger plane, which featured Sonny Bono and Farrah     
Fawcett Majors, the young actor's career withered. But by the late 1980s,         
Bonaduce had become an on-air radio personality. In the early 1990s David         
Cassidy signed Bonaduce on as his opening act. Bonaduce found continued           
opportunities as a professional actor.                                           
In 1985, Bonaduce married real estate agent Setsuko Hattori. They divorced in     
1988. On November 4, 1990, Bonaduce met his second wife, Gretchen Hillmer, on a   
blind date. The actor has credited Gretchen with building-up his diminished self 
image, which had been assailed by both chemical abuse and an arrest for           
assaulting a male transvestite. On April 9, 2007, Gretchen filed a divorce       
petition, citing irreconcilable differences. They have two children together,     
Isabella and Dante. He now has a girlfriend named Amy Railsback, who is a 25     
year old former substitute teacher from Rocklin, California. They have been       
together since April 2007.