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Name: Henry Francis du Pont                                                           
Born: 1880                                                                             
Died: 1969                                                                             
Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), Harvard 1902, married 1916 Ruth Wales (1891 -       
1967) was an American horticulturist, an expert on early American furniture &         
decorative arts particularly of the Federal style, & a member of the prominent         
du Pont family.                                                                       
Born at Winterthur, Delaware, he was the only son of Henry Algernon du Pont and       
Mary Pauline Foster. He studied horticulture at the Bussey Institution at             
Harvard University. In 1916, he married Ruth Wales (1889-1967) and they had 2         
children, Pauline Louise du Pont (1918-2007) and Ruth Ellen du Pont (b. 1922).         
A collector of Americana, Henry Francis du Pont developed the family estate into       
the well known [[Winterthur Museum & Country Estate, establishing it as a museum       
in 1951. Before he developed his antique collection however, he was one of the         
premier breeders of Holstein-Freisien cattle in America. The Winterthur herd of       
dairy cattle was well known in farming and agricultural circles from the 1920s         
up until du Pont's death in 1969. After Henry Francis du Pont's death, the herd       
was sold & much more emphasis was placed on promoting du Pont's antique               
He was asked by Jacqueline Kennedy to help oversee the renovation of the White         
House in 1961-1963, using his contacts and expertise to acquire donations of           
fine art and furniture, at times clashing with Kennedy's interior designer             
Stephane Boudin.