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Name: Adam Jones                                                                         
Born: 15 January 1965 Park Ridge, Illinois, U.S.                                         
Adam Thomas Jones (born January 15, 1965) is a Grammy Award-winning musician,             
guitarist and visual artist, best known for his work with the band Tool. Jones           
was rated the 75th Greatest Guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine and           
placed 9th in Guitar World's Top 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists. He is               
also responsible for most of Tool's music videos.                                         
Jones was born in Park Ridge, Illinois and raised in Libertyville, Illinois, and         
played violin in elementary school. He was accepted into the Suzuki program, and         
continued to play violin through his freshman year in high school. He then began         
to play an acoustic bass for three years in an orchestra.                                 
In addition to playing classical music, Jones played bass guitar in the band             
Electric Sheep, with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, until Jones moved           
to California (Morello soon followed). According to both of them, the band was           
quite unpopular at the time. Jones never received traditional guitar lessons,             
but instead learned by ear.                                                               
Jones was offered a film scholarship but declined and chose to move to Los               
Angeles to study art and sculpture. His focus of interest shifted to film, and           
he began to work as a sculptor and special effects designer, where he learned             
the stop-motion camera techniques he would later apply in Tool's music videos,           
such as "Sober" (on which he collaborated with Fred Stuhr), "Prison Sex", "Stinkfist",   
"├ćnema", "Schism", and "Parabola". He graduated in 1987.                                 
After graduation, he went to work at Rick Lazzarini's Character Shop. During the         
next couple of years, he worked the TV show Monsters. He designed and fabricated         
a Grim Reaper makeup and a Zombie head on a spike (later used in Ghostbusters 2)         
among others. After that, he went to Stan Winston's special effects workshop,             
where he worked on Predator 2, sculpting a unique-looking skull for the Predator's       
spaceship interior.                                                                       
Jones worked on several other big films in Hollywood doing makeup and set design,         
including Jurassic Park, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Dances with Wolves, and             
Ghostbusters 2. He did the "Freddy Krueger in the womb" makeup for A Nightmare           
on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, as well as work for A Nightmare on Elm Street           
4: The Dream Master.                                                                     
He also worked on commercials for salad dressing (never aired), Olympic stain (Albert     
Einstein makeup), and Duracell (boxers and taxicabs).                                     
Jones and Keenan are interviewed about the arrest of co-character Ronnie Dobbs,           
a serial criminal.                                                                       
Main article: Tool (band)                                                                 
After Tom Morello introduced Jones and his friend Maynard James Keenan to Danny           
Carey in 1990, they -- along with Paul d'Amour -- formed Tool.                           
Jones also toured with the Jello Biafra/The Melvins band and contributed to               
their albums Never Breathe What You Can't See and Sieg Howdy!. Jones and Melvins         
Guitarist/Vocalist Buzz Osborne are close friends. Jones also appeared on the             
Melvins album Hostile Ambient Takeover and the Melvins/Lustmord collaboration             
Pigs of the Roman Empire.                                                                 
On Mr. Show, he appeared as the fictional guitarist of Puscifer along with               
bandmate Keenan, and can also be spotted in the audience seated at a table with           
Keenan in the series' first episode.