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Name: David Lee Roth                                                               
Also known as Diamond Dave                                                         
Born: 10 October 1954 Bloomington, Indiana                                         
David Lee Roth (sometimes referred to as "Diamond Dave") (born October 10, 1954,   
Bloomington, Indiana) is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author,     
and former radio personality, best known for his work with the band Van Halen.     
After leaving Van Halen, Roth started his own career as a solo artist. His early   
albums were well received, but starting in the early 1990s, subsequent releases   
fared successively worse as popular musical tastes changed and Roth's band         
underwent numerous personnel changes.                                             
Roth has re-united with Van Halen, and the group is currently touring North       
America. In 2008, an album and further worldwide touring are proposed to follow.