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Delia Smith (born June 18, 1941) is a British television chef, known for her interest in food and teaching basic cookery.


In 1969 Delia became cookery writer for The Daily Mirror, with her first piece featuring kipper pate, beef in beer and cheesecake. In 1972 she started writing for London’s Evening Standard. She rose to fame teaching cookery on a television show, Family Fare (1973-75). Her How to Cook series (1998) reportedly led to a 10% rise in egg sales in Britain. Because of this fame, her first name has become sufficient to identify her to the public, and doing a Delia is the phrase used when preparing a dish according to one of her recipes.


Delia, with her husband Michael Wynn Jones, is the majority shareholder of Norwich City Football Club.




How to Cheat at Cooking (1971)
Recipes from Country Inns and Restaurants (1973)
The Evening Standard Cookbook (1974)
Frugal Food (1976)
Delia Smith’s Book of Cakes (1977)
Delia Smith’s Cookery Course (3 volumes: 1978, 1979 & 1980)
One is Fun (1985)
Delia Smith’s Christmas (1990)
Delia Smith’s Summer Collection (1993)
Delia Smith’s Winter Collection (1995)
Delia’s How to Cook - Book 1 (1998) (based on the television series)
Delia’s How to Cook - Book 2 (1999)
Delia’s How to Cook - Book 3 (2001)