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Name: Inspector Jacques Clouseau                                                 
Inspector Jacques Clouseau (later chief inspector) is a fictional detective in   
Blake Edwards's Pink Panther series. In most of the films, he was played by     
Peter Sellers, with one film in which he was played by Alan Arkin and one in     
which he was played by an uncredited Roger Moore. In the most recent Pink       
Panther film and its 2009 sequel, he is played by Steve Martin. Sellers is       
widely regarded as the definitive Inspector Clouseau of pop culture by fans and 
critics alike.                                                                   
He is also the inspiration of the main character in a series of short animated   
cartoons inspired by the titles of the feature films. Though the character in   
the animated The Inspector was never given a name, he is clearly based on       
In many countries, such as Greece, this character's name has become synonymous   
with policemen who keep making ludicrous assumptions and are utterly unable to   
crack even the easiest case.