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Name: Catherine McCormack                                                             
Born: 1 January 1972 Alton, Hampshire                                                 
Catherine McCormack (born 1 January 1972) is an English actress.                       
McCormack was born in Alton, Hampshire, England; one of her grandfathers was           
Irish. She was raised in the Catholic religion (though is now a "lapsed               
Catholic") and attended Convent of Our Lady of Providence. Her mother died             
of lupus when McCormack was six years old, and she was subsequently raised by         
her father, who was a steelworker.                                                     
McCormack's first notable role was as the character Murron in the multiple             
Academy Award winning movie Braveheart. Her screen debut however was as the lead       
in the Anna Campion directed film Loaded. After the success of Braveheart             
McCormack had starring roles in Nils Gaup's Northstar and Marshall Herskovitz's       
Dangerous Beauty. She has also appeared in David Leland's The Land Girls and had       
the leading role of Hannah in Davy Kane's This Year's Love which also starred         
Kathy Burke.                                                                           
McCormack also played the memorable role of Brad Pitt's love interest in Spy           
Game opposite Robert Redford and most recently in 28 Weeks Later.