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Tycho Brahe                                                                           
December 14, 1546, Scania, Denmark                                                   
October 24, 1601, Prague                                                             
Father was a Danish nobleman and Mother was in charge of the Queen's Court           
Greatly influenced by his uncle who wanted to adopt him                               
Went to Leipzig at 15 to study law as his parents wished                             
While in Leipzig secretly studied astronomy                                           
Studied law in Leipzig                                                               
Studied astronomy on his own                                                         
Spent several years at European universities studying astronomy                       
At age 26, studied alchemy while working with his uncle                               
Major Accomplishments:                                                               
November 11, 1572, observed one of the first supernovae to be seen with the           
naked eye (suddenly a new star existed where none had before)                         
Constructed an astronomical observatory on the island of Ven given to him and         
paid for by the King of Denmark, Frederick II                                         
Made amazingly accurate astronomical observations without the benefit of a           
Proved a new star had arisen in what was before seen as an 'unchangeable' sky         
Collected the most accurate observations of the planets and the stars which           
enabled Johannes Kepler to formulate his three laws of planetary motion