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Name: Washoe                                                                       
Born: 1965                                                                         
Washoe was born in Africa, around September of 1965. She was the only one of the   
four chimpanzees at CHCI to have been born in Africa. Her capture probably         
consisted of a hunter killing her mother and then taking her to market to be       
sold to a dealer. After she was brought to the United States for the Air Force,   
Drs. Allen and Beatrix Gardner adopted her for their research.                     
Washoe was the matriarch of this family and was the first chimpanzee to acquire   
a human language. Her name sign is formed with the fingers of a "W" hand           
flicking the ear on the same side. She was named for Washoe county Nevada where   
she lived with Drs. Allen and Beatrix Gardner until age five.                     
Full Name: Washoe Pan satyrus. Pan satyrus is an old taxonomic classification     
used for chimpanzees. She was named for Washoe county Nevada where she spent her   
early childhood with the Gardners. Washoe is a Native American word from the       
Washoe tribe meaning "people."