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Melodious voice and chendari are the features of Kirana Gharana. Being associated with this Gharana, Sawai Gandharcva also nurtured the legacy of his ancestors till the end of his life. Sawai Gandharva, also known as Rambhau Kundgolar, was taught byAbdul Karim Khan.


Sawai Gandharva was born in 1886. He did not possess a good voice by birth. But by dint of had labour and keenness to learn music,he finally corrected his voice. With this he proved that the panacea of everything lies in practice. Seeing this quality in him people started calling him ‘Sawai Gandharva’.


Rambhau was also taught by Bhasker Buwa Bakhale and Ustad Nisar Husain Khan. His contribution in enriching Maharashtrian dance and Music was invaluable. Apart from this, he acted in dramas like ‘Subhadra’, ‘Rara’ and ‘Santsakhe’. Later in his life he was attacked by paralysis. He died on September 12,1952 in Pune. Among his disciples, Gangubai Hangla and Pndit Bhimsen Joshi got a lot of popularity.