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Name: Maria Felix                                                                     
Birth name: Maria de los Angeles Felix Güereña                                       
Born: 8 April 1914 Alamos, Sonora, Mexico                                             
Died: 8 April 2002 Mexico City, Mexico                                                 
Maria Felix (April 8, 1914 - April 8, 2002) was an Mexican actress, one of icons       
of the golden era of the Cinema of Mexico. She was commonly known, particularly       
in her later years, by the honorific La Doña.                                         
She was born Maria de los Angeles Felix Güereña in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. There     
is some dispute regarding Ms. Felix's date of birth. There is a large (but not         
unanimous) opinion (shared by IMDb) that she was born on April 8, 1914, which         
means that she died on her 88th birthday (April 8, 2002). However, her obituary       
in the New York Times states that she was born on May 4, 1914, which would have       
made her 87 at the time of her death on April 8, 2002. Some claim her birth           
certificate supports the April 8, 1914 birthdate, although no actual evidence (such   
as a copy of either the birth or the death certificate) has been presented as         
concrete evidence  .                                                                   
Her father, Bernardo Felix, was of Yaqui descent. Her mother, Josefina Güereña,     
was of Basque/Spanish origin and was educated in a convent at Pico Heights,           
Felix on the poster of her most defining film.                                         
Felix's legendary career started in 1940, when she was approached on the street       
in Mexico City, where she was vacationing, by Fernando Palacios, who cast her in       
his 1943 film La China Poblana. She accepted despite the fact that she wasn't an       
actress and personally believed the story line was absurd. Although she had           
never acted before in her life, she accepted the challenge because Palacios           
convinced her that she had the " right look " for the part. The last copy of           
this film was lost during a fire and another copy has never been found.               
Her first movie was El Peñón de las Animas in 1942, which placed her alongside       
Jorge Negrete, the number-one actor in Mexico at the time, catapulted her to           
fame. Throughout her long career she acted in 47 movies.                               
Her beauty and flamboyant personality propelled her to international stardom and       
icon status, in movies like Woman Without a Soul and La Generala, and especially       
Doña Bárbara. She refused to work in Hollywood unless she made her grand             
entrance from the "big door" and not the small rôles offered by Cecil B. de           
Mille (although some sources indicate that the real reason was her poor command       
of the English language prevented her from working in Hollywood). Felix stated "I     
was not born to carry a basket".                                                       
She worked in French, with greats such as Jean Renoir and Luis Bunuel, and             
played in Italian films as well as in the Mexican cinema.                             
She lost the leading role of "Pearl Chavez" in the 1945 film Duel in the Sun,         
although it was written with her in mind, to Jennifer Jones, reportedly due to         
work commitments in Europe. As a result, she never achieved the fame in the USA       
that she achieved in Latin America and Europe.