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Name: Indigo Girls                                                               
Origin: Atlanta, Georgia, United States                                         
Indigo Girls are an American folk rock duo, consisting of Amy Ray and Emily     
Saliers. They got their start in Atlanta as a regular act at The Little 5 Points 
Pub and were tangentially part of the Athens, Georgia college rock scene that   
included The B-52's, Pylon, R.E.M., The Georgia Satellites, and Love Tractor.   
The two women got to know each other as students at Laurel Ridge Elementary     
School in DeKalb County, Georgia just outside of Decatur, Georgia, but were not 
friends because Emily was a grade ahead of Amy. While attending Shamrock High   
School, they grew closer, and started performing together, first as as the B-Band
and then as Saliers and Ray. Saliers graduated and began attending Tulane       
University. A year later, Ray graduated and began at Vanderbilt University.     
Homesick, both returned to Georgia and transferred to Emory University. By 1985, 
they began performing together again, this time as the Indigo Girls. In an NPR   
Talk of the Nation interview Mar 20th, 2007 Emily stated "...we needed a name   
and we went through the dictionary looking for words that struck us and [indigo] 
was one..." Their first release in 1985 was a seven-inch single called "Crazy   
Game"; the b-side was "Everybody's Waiting (for Someone to Come Home)". That     
same year, the Indigo Girls put out a six-track self-titled EP and in 1987,     
released their first full-length album, Strange Fire, recorded at John Keane     
Studio in Athens, Georgia, and including "Crazy Game". With this release, they   
secured the services of Russell Carter, who remains their manager to the present 
day; they had first approached him when the EP was released, but he told them   
their songs were "immature" and they weren't likely to get a record deal.       
Strange Fire apparently changed his mind.